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21 July 2009 @ 12:13 pm

Life is so boring lately. Thank god I have .gifs to make this entry seem more interesting than it actually is.

How is everyone else? Any .gifs to share?
20 July 2009 @ 12:32 pm

BAHAHA. The cell phone pic is crappy, but it's a story from Teen Vogue about girls dating bad boys. Think Chuck from Gossip Girl bad boys -- ie, players. Smack dab in the middle of the article are celebrity "bad" boys: (from the left) Bobby Brescia, Shia LaBeouf, John Mayer, and Nick Jonas. Okay, first: aren't the Jonas Bros big on the whole purity ring stuff? When you're of Disney fame, I have a hard time buying that you're a bad boy.

Also RPattz is on the page before this. LET ME ASSURE YOU TEEN VOGUE, there are badder boys than this. Spence and his creepy flesh colored beard? Senor Bale (who isn't bad as much as douche, I guess..)? KFed? I'll settle on freaking Tony Stark -- it doesn't even matter that you're fictional when you're being compared to Nick Jonas.

That is all. How is my flist today? C:
17 July 2009 @ 03:04 am

Cell phone pictures cannot truly depict how delicious this looked, let alone how it tasted.

I love midnight snacks. x]

When you wake up in the middle of the night, what do you snack on?
15 July 2009 @ 11:54 am
I've decided that since I enjoyed the first season or so of Heroes and wasn't quite sure why I never kept watching it, that I would catch up.

And even though Hayden has an underbite and Milo's mouth moves in a weird way and Zach has a horrific unibrow and Adrian has that omg square jaw, I still love it.

So tell me guys, what have you been up to? Any new obsessions?

Congratulations are in order. ;D

That song makes me smile. It was in every other commercial awhile back, too.

What songs do you guys like listening to? I'm looking to discover some new music. (:
10 July 2009 @ 01:44 am
I have so many things to do and I just keep procrastinating. I'm becoming a flake.

Then I feel bad and start working, but it's like I look for freaking distractions. Like right now. D:

Anyone else having a similar problem?
08 July 2009 @ 11:28 am
Some guy from Akron (a city about half an hour away from me) tried to add me on facebook the other day. He's a lot older than me and sort of creepy-looking, and I didn't recognize him. To be fair, however, I sent him a message asking where we knew each other from. All he replied back with was "i met u somewhere," which is hardly enough proof for me, so I shut the tab, forgetting to deny his friend request (it was late, gimme a break).

I wake up today to see he's left like four messages, all variations of "add me back." I finally denied his request and blocked him for good measure.

The problem is, he lives half an hour away. I'm sort of scared that I'll run into this guy in real life and find out that either a.) I do know him and I was just a total asshole or b.) he'd walk up to me and say something. Ugh.

Also, SciFi = SyFy now? What a dumb name, especially for a network that wanted to maintain their status as a solely science fiction channel a few years back. That would be like Comedy Central trying to stray away from comedy or something.
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06 July 2009 @ 11:04 pm
I'm trying this to try and get rid of my pimples. This toothpaste on my face looks ridiculous, but if it gets rid of the pimples that popped up on my face I consider the ridiculousness and my eyes watering completely worth it.

I'll update you guys on if it worked or not later. C:

In other news, my jaw hurts really bad and I'm not completely sure why. It doesn't feel like a toothache, it feels like the jaw bone itself hurts. Ugh.

Anywho. This toothpaste is starting to burn and I think it's time to go wash it off. So I'll cut this entry short for now.

What have you guys been up to? And does anyone have any clue what's up with my jaw?
05 July 2009 @ 10:20 pm
Public Enemies wasn't necessarily bad, but it was no where near good. (THERE ARE NO SPOILERS AHEAD, SO DON'T WORRY.) I was sincerely disappointed because a movie with Depp and Señor Bale should have been miles and miles of good. What did I end up with? Characters that I have no reason to care about, a female (not-so-)lead that switches between weak and strong at different points in the movie, and an ending that leaves much to be desired.

The biggest problem with the movie is the likability of the characters. Depp plays a bank robber on the run, Cotillard his romantic interest that completely gives into him only approximately an hour after meeting him, and Bale the one in charge of the effort to catch John Dillinger. That's it. You don't learn much else about the characters and find yourself caring about them just as little. All of the characters have flaws, some more obvious than others, but throughout the movie I keep noticing just how two-dimensional they are. I see what they're doing but I don't know why they're doing it and don't care. As the viewer, I think it's understandable to want to care about the characters at some point in the movie.

Maybe care is the wrong word. I want to feel something towards them. I wanted to hate Dillinger (Depp) at parts and root for him at others. I wanted to feel for Billie (Cotillard) and see just how tragic her relationship with Dillinger was. I wanted to feel something towards all of these characters, I really did, but each and every one fell flat. Please note that this is hardly the fault of the actors -- they were all phenomenal actors, but sometimes a script is so bad that even phenomenal actors can't save it. This was such a case.

There were good things about the movie, naturally, parts that kept me watching (like I said, the acting was great). But some elements were just bad. The sound quality was wonky so I was straining to hear what people were saying at points. Might've been the fault of the theater, though I doubt it because the sound was fine at other times. The cinematography was interesting at some points but for the majority of the time bugged me. At times everything was shaky and then at other times it was sort of oversharpened and it was just...sort of annoying, really.

I wouldn't advise seeing this movie just yet. The fact that the characters didn't make you care made it seem waaay too long and if you don't have a good attention span, you'll end up craving the end -- which I won't spoil you about, but I'll just say wasn't very impressive. I would advise you guys to just rent it later on if you want to see it, but go ahead if you have some cash to burn and a bit of time to waste. I give it about a 5/10 overall.

TL;DR?: Acting was good, script and characters weren't.

By the by, I will be posting a couple fireworks pictures later on tonight. C:
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05 July 2009 @ 04:51 am
I woke up today at some ungodly time and found out that we couldn't see Public Enemies because god forbid we don't go to a matinee. So we pushed it back -- oh well. Such is life, I suppose.

Anyway. I saw some pretty amazing fireworks tonight. The place we go every year typically makes its fireworks show last about fifteen minutes, but I swear we were sitting there for about half an hour watching fireworks until the finale started. I got some nice pictures of them, too. C:

As for the bad side of the day...I'm breaking out for no reason. Like, I have four huge pimples on my face. One is smack dab in the middle of the space between my eyebrows like a freaking bulls eye. My bangs are just too short to cover it up. I feel really greasy and gross because I never have pimples and these ones are just so red and...ugh. I'm afraid to pop them, too, because I don't want them to scar.

I discovered a big one on my shoulder and popped it. TMI, I know, but it's oozing. I have never oozed in my lifetime and I find it disgusting.

So what conclusions have I reached today? Apparently it's necessary to go to a matinee. The world of fireworks has stepped up its game. I need to cut back on greasy food because it's giving my oozy pimples.

How was your day, flist? No oozing, I hope. What did you guys do for the 4th?